NFL Favorites Out of Control in 2005!

The favorites also have had an amazing year and they refuse to lease up.

2005 ATS and O/U  esports betting numbers to date (through week 13):

ATS: 98-72-6 (57.6percent ) avg lineup -5.0

OU: 85-88-3 (49.1%) avg total 41.3

That’s +18.8 units kindly betting ever chosen on the plank. Insane numbers especially when you consider they are -169.9 units at the years past! (-21.2 avg per season). Together with 5 weeks left to go no additional season has even come close to watching those lopsided outcomes. So this has either been a statistical quirk and also perhaps a indication of different things that went on during the off season and regular season. I’m beginning to think that just how in which the talent has pooled heavily on some teams throughout the off season (free agency( draft) is a huge element. Other teams like the Texans are to the opposite end so when the good and bad meet it has never been competitive. Injuries have played an important job on the lesser teams also, notably at QB. The”rule accent” without a contact and other things to open up the passing game might also be the culprit. In the past you’d find a smaller team slow-down the receivers more, change the flow of the match, also remain competitive. Playing it officially now means more open recipients and also they must protect again the run otherwise. The team with all the play-makers in QB, WR, CB, etc. then have turned into a bigger advantage and ultimately the cover.

Favorites in previous regular seasons:

2004: 117-125-7 (48.3%) -20.5 units

2003: 129-118-7 (52.2%) -0.8 units

2001: 114-125-7 (47.7%) -23.5 units

2000: 114-125-3 (47.7%) -23.5 units

1999: 106-122-15 (46.5percent ) -28.2 units

1998: 119-106-13 (52.9%) +2.4 units

1997: 100-121-13 (45.2%) -33.1 units

Only a side note for guys which use little overseas books. A good deal of fresh sportsbooks popup annually and may well not be able to pay their losses. This has happened before too. If you’re using a smaller, lesser understood sportsbook I’d look at getting a great chuck of my money outside now and keep smaller accounts to be safe. Bigger, more based books like MVP, CRIS, Pinnacle, BoDog, etc.. really aren’t an issue however, the iffy ones might be in some trouble if this lasts. The strange point is that through the previous month of the season the favorites have a tendency to perform while the cream rises to the top at a playoff push manner. November on average favors the dogs in a significant way but perhaps not this year.

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