Genital Herpes Symptoms In Women

Genital herpes symptoms in women are still an unfortunate fact of life in our society today. Men too are infected, but more so women; 1 of five women in the 14-49 age category and 1 out of 9 men according to the Center for Disease Control. This guide will examine the causes, symptoms, and cure for genital herpes.

The Cause

Medical science shows it’s a very small particle, a virus, that is but one member of a huge herpes”society”. Chicken pox and Genital herpes symptoms in women shingles are ordinary afflictions caused by the herpes viruses. The one producing genital herpes is much like (sometimes indistinguishable ) to the herpes virus causing the cold cold sores most men and women get on their lips. But when herpes affect the uterus, the victim has often (but not consistently ) contracted herpes in a unique way: by sexually intimate contact with another infected herpes victim.

The sores produce their distress for 2 weeks to six weeks before clearing up. But herpes don’t simply go off. Doctors create certain it only beats a retreat, through the nerve pathways, to nerve clusters in the bottom of the spinal column. There it remains dormant until something (like stress) precipitates a reactivation of herpes. Awakened, it travels the neural pathways back to the skin and begins the misery cycle yet another time.

Perhaps the very dangerous result of herpes is dependent upon the sufferer’s emotions. Observes Dr. Oscar Gillespie: The most significant annoyance with herpes isn’t so much in the virus itself, however in the ways its presence can provoke anxieties, anxieties and disruptions in daily living. As told by one victim: It is very complicated to spell out the feelings of guilt, anger, and loss of control that you feel once you have herpes. It’s a thing which in my opinion merely a fellow herpes sufferer may share and love. Yet such psychological chaos basically prolongs the cycle of the disease, often by activating additional recurrences.

Why Called Incurable

Why not your body’s immunity system simply destroy the dangerous herpes virus? Health practitioners respond that herpes outsmarts such a fate by attaching itself into some cell, piercing its outer tissue and secluding itself therein. Safely inside, it allofasudden commandeers control of this cell mutating it to some herpes factory! By 80,000 to 120,000 brand new viruses have been made within 3 to 5 hours. The cell wall subsequently breaks open, easing an army of dangerous particles to populate the bloodstream and infect another cells.

You can therefore understand why doctors explain that herpes isn’t therefore tough to kill. A cure could somehow have to spot only the infected cells to kill the virus. Little wonder that medical science is hence much bemused.

But if this ounce of prevention can benefit millions, what about those infected?

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