Used Excavators Are Great Alternatives to Buying a New Excavator

New excavators can be very expensive. An alternative to a new machine is buying a Used Excavator. A used excavator can be a bargain if you find one that fits your needs and is in good condition. Some newspapers, trade papers and magazines carry ads for used excavators. If they’re sold by an individual, most of them don’t come with extended service agreements, inspections or financing but that doesn’t mean that they should be disregarded. Not every used excavator will be in the best or worst condition. Taking it to a mechanic that services these types of machines, for an inspection, before purchasing it, is a better way to buy one in good condition. An easier way to locate a good used excavator can be to go to a dealer.

Most dealers carry used machines. There are advantages to buying used equipment from a dealer rather than an individual. Many dealers will provide service and support for the Used Excavator. Hitachi dealers carry the Hitachi brand along with John Deere new and used equipment. They offer online manuals, product support, online customer support, extended service options and safety training. rent used excavator Toronto They even have financing available for qualified buyers. They also carry other brands of used excavators.

Caterpillar, is another dealer, that offers advantages of buying used machines through them. Caterpillar sells new and used excavators. When you buy a Used Excavator from Caterpillar, you will find a wide range of machines that are available from their inventory. Their used equipment benefits include an inspection of the excavator and service and product support by mechanics that have knowledge about caterpillars. They offer extended service options and the maintenance history of the machine. If you choose a certified used Caterpillar, you’ll get an inspection, a six month warranty on the power train or longer and the tires, tools and undercarriage will have less than 50 percent wear. Also all machines are less than 5 years old. They offer competitive financing and extended service options.

The internet has numerous websites that list used excavators. Most of these sites have pictures, makes, models, types, estimated hours of use, the year of make, the location and the price of each Used Excavator. Some of the machines even include service agreements and warranties. Financing can be obtained from many of the sellers or they may be able to assist the buyer in obtaining a low interest rate equipment loan.

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